Ghassoul lava clay

Format: 170 grs

What is Ghassoul clay?

The natural Ghassoul clay, coming from the Atlas Mountains, has been used for centuries by the Moroccan population. Indicated for all skin types, mainly the most greasy, sensitive, and with allergies or psoriasis. It is applied as a facial and body mask, effectively eliminating dead cells and impurities and with a high detoxifying power.

Due to its foaming properties, Ghassoul can be used for the body in the general hygiene of the skin. It is an organic product without aroma or surfactants. Absorbs excess fat and moisture leaving hair shiny and full.

Ghassoul clay has excellent properties for the natural hair beauty, and also very beneficial for facial and body care.

Silica (61%)
Magnesium oxide (21%)
Trace elements and Pro-vitamins.


  • Ghassoul clay can absorb almost twice of its weight in water, much higher than the absorption power of other clays.
  • It is not irritating to the skin or the scalp.
  • Cleans without removing the fat layer that protects the skin.
  • The Ghassoul is recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
  • It does not cause allergy to its components.
  • Ghassoul clay can be applied to all types of hair, especially in greasy ones, cleaning and eliminating grease, providing shine and flexibility without altering the natural keratin and increasing its volume.
  • Get rid of dandruff and excessive oily hair problems.
  • Ghassoul clay is removed, both in the hair and on the skin, with a gentle wash.
  • It is also used to clean and purify the face and body skin thanks to its foaming effect that favors the penetration of the active substances added and providing the skin with luminosity and a very pleasant texture.
  • The Ghassoul, is applied as a paste on any part of the body, eliminates dead cells and impurities, moisturizes the skin and leaves it very soft to the touch.

How do you prepare?
A tablespoon of Ghassoul is placed in a glass bowl, filled with boiling water or infused with herbs, covered and left to rest for a few minutes.

You can add a few drops of argan oil, rosehip or other suitable for sensitive skin as long as the skin is not excessively greasy, and adding lemon juice to the paste will combat the skin spots.

Mix well by undoing the lumps with a wooden spoon until you get a homogeneous mixture.
Apply with a brush all over the face avoiding the eye contour.

The Ghassoul clay is left for 15 minutes and removed with warm water.

Finally, a cotton soaked in rose water or orange blossom on the face and neck is passed.

It is important that the Ghassoul paste used is not in contact with any metallic utensil or its properties would be inactivated.

Applications of Ghassoul clay

Hair: Due to its foaming properties, can be used as washing soap eliminating excess fat. You can also apply a hair mask once a week on clean and damp hair, leaving on for 15 minutes and rinsing with plenty of water.

Body: Apply the Ghassoul clay in the form of paste over the body, deeply cleans the area and exert a slight exfoliating action.

Face: as a facial mask, the Ghassoul in addition to its gentle exfoliating action, cleans deeply, and provides minerals that help skin regeneration. It is recommended mainly for faces of mixed and oily skin.