Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil

Certified organic by ECOCERT and CAAE
Vegan certified by CAAE

Format: 250 ml

Organic Arganour Coconut Oil is made from organically grown coconut. It is a great ally for damaged hair and dry and damaged skin. It is also used as a natural makeup remover. Contains up to 90% saturated lipid acids, plus lauric acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid, vitamins B and E.


  • For the skin:

It contains Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging of the skin, and its proteins they repair tissues and contribute to cellular health; it repairs the skin and gives it a spectacular luminosity. It can be used like any other type of facial or body oil or cream. Thanks to its antibiotic properties it is a good remedy to prevent acne as well as infections and skin problems. It is also very effective as a lip balm and a very practical makeup remover. The medium-chain fatty acids it contains help to restore the skin’s neutral PH, remove oil and excess sebum, and leave the skin hydrated and beautiful.

  • For the hair:

It has a repairing and revitalizing effect, since it protects and nourishes the hair in depth. It can be used to treat dryness of the scalp or hair. Avoid frizz. 50% of extra virgin coconut oil is lauric acid, which in addition to being a powerful antibiotic, has a very low molecular weight, which makes it very similar to hair protein and allows it to penetrate very easily. Used as a mask before washing, it penetrates deep into the hair fiber, regenerating it and creating a natural barrier that maintains hydration and prevents damage caused by external aggressions. It also prevents the progressive loss of hair protein due to aging. A massage to the scalp nourishes the hair root promoting growth and prevents and relieves dandruff.

How to use
  • For the skin:  Apply to the perfectly clean and dry area to be treated, repeat twice a day.
  • For the hair: Apply from the middle to the ends of the hair and cover. Leave on for 15 min and then wash with the usual shampoo. Repeat at least twice a week

Cocos Nucifera Oil.

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